BPS Biofunctional Prosthetic System

BPS stands for the Biofunctional Prosthetic System. It is a well planned coordinated system of materials, instruments, and techniques for removable prosthetic restorations.

It's foundation stems from a series of comprehensive technical education programs that train individuals in the fundamental concepts of removable prosthodontics using lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on applications.

The dental laboratory is recognized with a BPS certification. This distinction signifies that this laboratory is capable of providing consistent technical support and guidance for the Denturist in his efforts to deliver the best possible care for the patient.

The emphasis of the program is on the development of the Dentist - Denturist partnership. In no other area of dentistry does the cooperative efforts of Dentists and Denturists influence the quality of patient care as significantly as in removable prosthodontics.

In order to communicate this message, Ivoclar has committed to an unprecedented campaign of education & awareness that will target not only the Dentist & Denturist, but also the Patient.

Therefore, in essence, BPS symbolizes quality care which can and will be recognized by Denturist, Dentist and Patient alike.

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