It was 25 years ago that the SR Ivocap system was launched. This leading-edge injection system revolutionized the field of denture prosthetics. Since the introduction of SR Ivocap, more than 9000 laboratories throughout the world have taken advantage of this trendsetting system.

Today. millions of people worldwide enjoy the comfort of wearing dentures that fit precisely. FulI shrinkage compensation wilI continue to be standard in the fabrication of exacting BPS brand dentures.


Polymethyl methacrylate is subject to chemical shrinkage during polymerization. As a result, the finished dentures often exhibit considerable inaccuracy, particulary if conventional fabrication methods are used.

With SR Ivocap, chemical shrinkage is not an issue. The SR Ivocap system is based on a special injection technique that is capable of compensating for chemical shrinkage. Controlled heat/pressure polymerization compensates acrylic shrinkage by pressured feeding of additional material.

There are many applications for the SR Ivocap system including:

Michelle or David will be happy to show you how the SR Ivocap system can work for you!

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